Subject Re: [firebird-support] installing firebird on windows networks
Author Woody (TMW)
From: "petesouthwest" <petesouthwest@...>
> Hi
> I'm trying to get clear in my mind how I can get my app to connect to its
database, with the minimal hassle to the person installing it.
> On that basis I have been trying to work out how to convert a UNC path
into the hostName:drive: protocol needed. However, It has occurred to me
that as the firebird installation interrogates and makes changes to the
server (registry presumably), so it runs automatically as either a service
or an application, surely the set-up exe needs to execute on the server
rather than on a pc connected to the server?
> Sorry for what is probably another stupid question!

There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers! :)

To install the FB (or IB) server, it can either be done on the server or by
someone with administrator rights, IIRC. As long as the person installing it
is an administrator (and they should be for a network application), you
should have nothing to worry about. The problems to think about are dual, or
multiple installations, etc. Those are discussed here on a regular basis.

Converting from UNC path names and back isn't too difficult depending on the
software you use for programming. I use Delphi so my routines are written in

Connecting to databases is another matter. There are some alias managers
that can run on the server so you can use aliases. You can set up a central
or common database that just lists databases available. Or, you can store
the info in an INI file in the program directory at setup time. How you do
it is entirely up to you, there are many ways to accomplish it.


Woody (TMW)