Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: HUGE PROBLEM - Problem with multiple access
Author Dan Wilson
On 7/5/2004 at 8:58 PM rudidias wrote:

> --- In, Daniel Rail <daniel@a...>
> wrote:
> This is what gstat /usr/local/firebird/database/ipuc.gdb
> of my database has returned.
> Isn't that option
> Database "/usr/local/firebird/database/ipuc.gdb"
> Database header page information:
> Flags 0
> Checksum 12345
> Generation 2774557
> Page size 1024
> ODS version 10.0

IIRC, ODS version 10.0 was used by older Interbase versions. I would suggest that you use the version of GBAK that came with that version of Interbase to backup your database, then use the new version of GBAK that came with Firebird to create a new database in the new ODS version. Generally it is advised that you use .fdb to distinguish FB databases rather than .gdb.