Subject Memory use and FB 1.5
Author Michael Vilhelmsen

I have a server running Windows 2000 SP4 all updates installed, 1 Gb
RAM, Xeon 3 GHz, 2 x SCA 18 Gb HDD (as mirror) on a Adaptec 2110s.

On this machine a Firebird 1.5 (vers. is installed.
2 weeks ago I upgraded from FB 1.0.3.
When I used FB 1.0.3 I had a memory leak during the day (IFD.SYS,
Nonpaged memory never being released (LINK:,1410,30362,00.html )).

Upgrading has removed this problem.
It has been running smothly for 2 weeks.

However 2 days ago I inserted some 800.000 records into 1 table
(which now contains some 1.2 mio. records).
I did this at night when noone was connected besides me.

Today when the first user connected to the FB Server the amount of
free RAM droppped instantly to some 20 MB !!!
And it hasn't been released sinse.

When looking at the Performance Monitor I can see, that FBServer.Exe
uses some 700 Mb of "NonPaged Bytes".
Those 700 Mb of RAM is whats available when the server has just been

The applications we use havn't been changed for the last 3 weeks.
This has been because we would like to be able to see if the upgrade
from FB 1.0.3 to FB 1.5 did anything, and would like to be able to
rule out our appl.

As I see it, it must have something to do with this INSERT I did two
days ago, but I can't see what.
And at a customer site we have a smaller server running FB 1.5 with a
DB which is the same, but much larger (here this table contains some
2.5 mio. records).
The number of clients connection to our DB is some 25+ and at our
customer site its some 20+.

To night I will do a backup - restore to see if it will solve

But I would like to know why this has happen.