Subject Firebird problems
Author peterle19801980
Hello list,

We have some urgent issues with FB1.5 Release. It's deffinitely
smth. for
the development list, but according to your list guidelines this is
right way:

1. Is it possible to open a database in the none-exclusive mode
using the
embeded super server under Win32? We're currently using IBPP as
wrapper, but
it stubs simply, so the exclusive mode gets initiated by FB
directly. Is it
possible without changing/rebuilding code?

2. We tried to build the current sources under Win32 using the
CVS tree and build instruction/scripts. It fails due to
the "ibase.h", which
is not in the CVS on the right place (interbase/interbase/include).
should we go from here to get it built?

3. If it's neccesary to change the locking code to avoid the
opening, did smb. already tried this? We don't have very much
to analize the whole code, so we would concentrate on the file-open
Or is it noncence?

thnx, rgds

Peter Nash