Subject Re[2]: [firebird-support] power outages
Author Ann W. Harrison
Amy, et al.

Check the IBPhoenix site for "careful write". I've written a fair amount
about the theory and practice behind InterBase/Firebird recovery. By
design, InterBase and Firebird maintain the database on-disk-structure in a
consistent state after every page write. As long as every page is win the
order that the database requests and written completely, you'll always have
a consistent database. In my twenty-odd years (some even more odd than
others) in the relational database world, I've never seen a partial page

At Interbase Software Corp., we used the database for our code management
system, e-mail, bug tracking, customer/prospect tracking, financial
tracking, payroll, hr, everything. At one fairly early point in the
development of InterBase, we were in some third-rate semi-commercial
space. Power cords ran across the floor, normally duct-taped to the
carpet, but at least once a week one of us would trip over something and
cut power to a server. Add that to a power distribution system that would
do credit to a third-world country, and you can imagine that we had a great
deal of interest in seeing the database come back to life whole and happy.

Which it does, if you don't let the OS decide when to write pages.