Subject How to Avoid Conflicts With Other Apps
Author joeacunzo
I'm writing an installation (using NSIS, great stuff) for my Windows
app that uses Firebird and I need to install the superserver. How do
I configure it to avoid conflicts with another application that may
already be on the machine that also uses a Firebird superserver (same
or different version)?

The big problem is the "RootDirectory". If the other app has set a
FIREBIRD environment variable, or registry entry, to point at the
rootdir, I'm screwed since it will use that as the root and not my
root dir. That will cause it to find the wrong firebird.conf, and
most importantly, the wrong security.fdb file ("wrong" meaning not
the one for my app).

If I can solve this "rootdirectory" problem, I can then use a
different Windows service name and a different port number to avoid
conflict with an existing Firebird server.

In a related question, how exactly is it possible to set the root
directory in firebird.conf if that file is suppose to be *in* the
root directory? A bit of a chicken-and-the-egg problem, isn't it?

Joe A.