Subject Licensing confusion
Author Barry
I'm inquiring about the legalities involved in using Firebird and
Firebird.NET provider in a commercial application. In both cases, I
wish to distribute the unmodified binaries. The modified Mozilla
license attached to Firebird seems pretty straightforward, but I'm
more concerned with the legalities surrounding the LGPL license for
the .NET provider. Even a lawyer friend of mine is confused. Would
I be covered if I did the following...

1. Notified the user in a prominent way during install that the
application makes use of the open-source Firebird and Firebird .NET
provider software.

2. Included the licenses for both applications.

3. Included links for obtaining the source code to both

4. Installed the .NET provider as a separate program (i.e., in its
own folder in Program Files and available for use by other programs).

I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions. I understand that
reponses won't be legally binding. Thanks for your help.