Subject Re: TCP/IP Necessary?
Author joeacunzo
>>But please confirm one thing for me. The default value for
>>CreateInternalWindow (from firebird.conf) is "1", meaning
use "local connect".
> No, it means "local connect is available".

Oh, got it.

> The connection strings are different. So, if you disable local
> they won't have that option.

Oh, now I see, it's the connect string that determine the protocol.
Sorry for being so dense this morning.

> The "client side" is the client library, which uses the applicable
> protocol. A path string with no server element is local connect
> IPC) only. Add a server element and you have a different protocol -
> on Windows may be one of three:
> TCP/IP local loopback: tcp/ip string, localhost server
> TCP/IP remote: tcp/ip string, remote server (accessing the local
server via
> the network is also possible - you have to do this for MTS)
> Windows Named Pipes - different connection string, means a
> protocol to the client lib's network layer.

Okay, so all controlled by the connect string. I'm using localhost:
so I'm using the first option you list above, which is good from what
you've told me.

Regarding the use of the third option, "Windows Named Pipes", as the
IPC method, some questions if I may:

1. What's the syntax of the connect string for that protocol (is it
documented somewhere)?

2. I assume using this protocol means I won't have to require the
TCP/IP network stack installed on the machine, is that correct?

3. Is this a "stable" protocol for multiple, local apps talking to
the local superserver? BTW, I think that the use of Named Pipes with
MS SQL Server isn't recommended for performance reasons, but not
sure, any issue with Firebird here?