Subject Re: TCP/IP Necessary?
Author Steve Summers
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 05:40 PM 31/03/2004 +0300, you wrote:
> >You cannot run two apps that connects to one database.
> >Simply first app will lock it.
> That is **wrong** for all cases except the embedded server. You
can run
> many different apps that connect to the same database. But use
> connect is not a safe way to do so.

Can you elaborate and clarify?

Specifically: If I'm running the server and two different
application EXE's on a Windows XP box, and both of them
connect to the database by specifying


instead of


it will work but is not "safe"?

Specific questions:

1. What does "not safe" mean? Database corruption?

2. Is this a problem on Interbase 5.6, Firebird 1.5, or both?