Subject Re: [firebird-support] Moving data accross Databases/Servers
Author Milan Babuskov
darylmcmurray wrote:
> I am splitting up a large table containing hundreds of thousands of
> records onto multiple Firebird servers... What is the best way to
> move a subset of records from a table on one server to a table in a
> new database on another server?

Best way: insert into new database, and delete from old one.

If you have many records, it's good idea to deactivate indexes until you
import all records into new database.

> Is it possible to name the source server\database\table in the from
> clause of an INSERT INTO... SELECT * From... Statement??


> I'm trying desperately to avoid reading and writing one record at a
> time.

You will have to do it one way or another. Easiest way is to use some
data-pump tool. There are plenty available on Windows, for Linux you can
try my fbexport tool if you wish...

fbexport -S -D source.gdb -V tablename -Q "WHERE ..."
fbexport -I -D dest.gdb -V tablename

Milan Babuskov