Subject Re: [firebird-support] Moving data accross Databases/Servers
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:57 AM 31/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>Greetings all!!
>I am splitting up a large table containing hundreds of thousands of
>records onto multiple Firebird servers... What is the best way to
>move a subset of records from a table on one server to a table in a
>new database on another server?
>Is it possible to name the source server\database\table in the from
>clause of an INSERT INTO... SELECT * From... Statement??


>I'm trying desperately to avoid reading and writing one record at a

Use a datapump tool or component. I use the datapump utility in IB_SQL for
ad hoc transfers; I write a Delphi application (5 mins) using the
TIB_Datapump component if I want to repeat the same transfer. It uses a
streaming mechanism to read from one connection and write to another.