Subject Re: [firebird-support] power outages
Author Jonathan Neve
Ann W. Harrison wrote:

>At 03:59 PM 3/30/2004, Critchley, Amy wrote:
>>I am considering Firebird for a Linux embedded application for an
>>industrial monitoring device, which will not have any back-up source of
>>power. I will try to encourage users to go through a software shutdown,
>>but I will not be able to prevent the instrument from being powered off
>>abruptly, possibly during a database write.
>As long as you run with forced writes enabled, you should have no problems.
Still, there is a theorical potential for corruption isn't there? I know
I've had corruption before, due to having to kill the ibserver.exe
process, because of a recursive SP. I think the same thing could happen,
theoretically, if the machine gets shut off abruptly while a database
write is in progress.

Am I wrong?

Jonathan Neve.

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