Subject Compiling Firebird 1.5 under Debian
Author Fred Vos

Last week I tried to install Firebird 1.5 under Debian on an Intel
Pentium IV processor using the FirebirdSS- file.
The install procedure requires the 'ex' program, so I installed 'elvis'.
During the install process the install process hung. Today I tried to
install using sources. I downloaded the .bz2-file, unpacked it and issued:

./ --enable-superserver

and then:


this produced, by the way, a lot of warnings ("warning: cast from
pointer to integer of different size"). I'm using gcc/g++ 3.3.3.
Then I logged in as root and issued:

make install

Again it hangs. Elvis uses near to a 100% cpu-time.
Does anyone know how to solve this problem, for instance another 'ex'
clone under Debian that doesn't give this problem?

Thank you,

Fred Vos