Subject Recycling the logfile (was: Re: [firebird-support] Troubels with Firebird 1.5)
Author Martijn Tonies
> >> > Now the firebird.log has 247 MB.
> > This raises another interesting topic though --
> > Can the log-file be recycled?
> This is a great concern. I think there should be a configuration
> parameter that would permit a user to set how big the log file can get
> before it starts recycling it's contents. And, maybe have a default
> between 100KB and 200KB.
> I think it should be a feature that is required(not just nice to have).

I'm not sure how many errors fit in a 200Kb logfile :-)

But perhaps it can be archived as well after a single day.



Where log0 is the current.

Then, you would have a max of 7 days of logfile of 200Kb each.

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