Subject Re: Multi processors Support!
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, "C Fraser"
<Colin.Fraser@h...> wrote:
> Just a query on the super server and multi processors... Is it only a
> windows problem?

Colin, AFAIK on Linux Super don't have this problem (at least, as
Helen said, it was never reported) but don't use all processors power.

> If running linux, should I still be looking at classic server if I
want to
> use multiple CPUs?

It depends on nature of your application and what resource is
critical. Classic, particularly on SMP, have much better load ability
- can run long heavy query which consumes many CPU time and don't stop
service of other connections. Can't say they absolutly don't feel
slowness because of this heavy query running, but work when Super
appears "hang". But, since each connection is served by own instance
of FB server with own cache etc, Classic consumes much more RAM. One
more Classic feature which can be important - when server crashes only
one connection is affected, in Super, naturally, all connections are
broken. So, you should make choice accordingly your own requirements
to FB. And, of course, make test emulating real load.

Best regards,