Subject gbak failed while creating indexes
Author rcrfb
Hi Members,

I created a backup of a successfully running database.

When restoring the database using the command
gbak -c -v -user sysdba -password <secret> test.bck new_test.gdb

all seems to be OK until the indexes will be build (at the end of
the restore). At that moment the gbak exits with
creating indexes
cannot commit index RDB$PRIMARY47
ERROR sort error: not enough memory
ERROR action cancelled by trigger (2) to preserve data integrity
ERROR Cannot deactivate index used by an Integrity Constraint
Exiting before completion due Error

Restoring the database using '-i' (not activating indexes) and then
activate each index manually ('alter index <index> activate') shows
the same error ("sort error: not enough memory").

By the way - after that error I have to kill all 'ibserver' processes,
a normal shutdown is no more possible.

The Firebird (SuperServer V. is running on a (SuSe 8.1)
Linux '2.4.20-4GB' on a box with 512Mb fre memory.

Has anyone an idea how to restore whole database from that backup?