Subject Re: [firebird-support] Insert without referential constraints
Author Martijn Tonies
Guys guys...

> One way to get around it, if you are not already doing it, is to allow
> in one of the foreign keys, make your inserts with a Null, keeping track
> the ids, then do an update on the fields that you inserted NULLs into, all
> within a transaction so it would all get undone if anything failed.

Are we trying to figure out ways to get inconsistent data into the
database? Then why not drop the FKs to start with?


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> Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Insert without referential constraints
> Hi,
> > Is it possible to insert a bunch of records related to each other via
> > foreign keys without worrying about the order of inserts?
> >
> > I've heard that with some databases it's possible to set up a
> > transaction so that referential constraints are checked only at the
> > end of the transaction. Is something like this possible with Firebird
> > also?
> These constraints are called "deferred constraints", something which
> Firebird doesn't (yet) support.
> It also doesn't support turning constraints OFF.
> > Or would the only option be dropping the constraints before inserts
> > and creating them again after?
> That's the only way.
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