Subject Re: FB install questions.
Author barfingdog2004
Thanks again Helen:

One of my biggest problems is not understanding
how to search this Yahoo group like I can search
usenet newsgroup archives with Google. I'm sure
you don't want to answer the same question over and
over again.

If I'm going client server, I decided to go with
the server on my Solaris PC or Linux PC.

I usually try to install utilities from source,
but I decided to install from the binaries. The
Solaris X86 binary on Firebird's site is an old
build of 1.0.0, but I just need to get something


# ksh ./install.ksh `pwd`/interbase.tar

Enter the absolute path name of the install directory
[/opt] :

Extracting files... ERROR: Can't extract the files from the archive.

*** Install completed with errors ***
Install log can be found at /tmp/ibinstall.log


The error log was filled with lines like this:

tar: interbase: File exists
tar: cannot open interbase Number of symbolic links encountered during
path name
traversal exceeds MAXSYMLINKS


Do you know how I can fix this?

I tried to install the latest binary on my old
Linix PC, but that one complained about needing a
686. I don't know what's in the Linux box, but
apparently it's too old.