Subject RE: [firebird-support] RE: At my wits end
Author Dan Wilson
> As for my use of tps, I meant transactions per second. I guess I should
> really be saying Inserts per second. I personally have tried commits from
> around 10-10000. The C++ test code was committing every 1000 records.

> >This does EVEN worse than ADO and OLEDB. I received multiple testing
> >programs from potential coders and none of them could even break 100 tps,
> >let alone the 1500 tps i need.

Ed, are you saying that you expect to get 1500 tps, with 1000 records per transaction, equalling 1.5 million insertions per second? If so, you are doomed to disappointment.

If, however, you are looking to get 1500 insertions per second, you are at least in a more reasonable order of magnitude. In my own usage, I have been able to get to 500 to 700 insertions per second, and could possibly have improved on that, but that range was "good enough" for that application. At 1 million records per batch, if you can maintain 500 insertions per second, you'll be done in 30+ minutes: is that too slow?