Subject Re: FireBird 1.5 -- database restore hangs
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, Migrin Maxim <migrin@b...> wrote:
> Hellow,
> We using FireBird 1.5 Final Release on Red Hat Linux 8.0
> and we have a BIG problem restoring FireBird database.
> Original backup file hase size 850Mb, and target database
> (as we can predict) will be at 3.5Gb. It is a multifile
> database (15 secondary files).

Maxim, I don't understand why you need secondary files at all using
FB1.5 and so small ones particularly.

> Command line we used for restore is:
> gback DATABASE.gbk DATABASE.gdb 500000
> DATABASE.gd1 500000 DATABASE.gd2 500000
> ... DATABASE.gd15 500000
> -user SYSDBA -password masterkey -P 4096
> -R -V -C -Y restore.log

What is the sense to use both -C and -R options? I don't know,
perhaps this can confuse gbak on multy-file restore.

> P.S.: Sorry for my english, please!

If so, maybe it is more simple to ask in Russian newsgroup at
news:// ?

Best regards,