Subject FireBird 1.5 -- database restore hangs
Author Migrin Maxim

We using FireBird 1.5 Final Release on Red Hat Linux 8.0
and we have a BIG problem restoring FireBird database.
Original backup file hase size 850Mb, and target database
(as we can predict) will be at 3.5Gb. It is a multifile
database (15 secondary files).

Command line we used for restore is:

gback DATABASE.gbk DATABASE.gdb 500000
DATABASE.gd1 500000 DATABASE.gd2 500000
... DATABASE.gd15 500000
-user SYSDBA -password masterkey -P 4096
-R -V -C -Y restore.log

This command spawned by user "firebird". The FireBird
server configured to run from user "firebird" too.

GBAK begins, and after first file filled it hangs ALL SYSTEM.
Programs, which was already running at this moment, still
functional. But no new process can be spawned from shell or
by any other method, including getty and login!!!

Please help us to find way out of this trouble!
What we can do now???

Best regards,

P.S.: Sorry for my english, please!