Subject Re: [firebird-support] More on over-sweeping
Author Ivan Prenosil
I have different advice - instead of listening chaotic advices, study how multigeneration
architecture (and garbage collection, sweep, etc.) works and make your own opinion.

(Some keywords you may want to search for in archives: sweep, garbage collection,
OIT, OAT, TIP, Ann Harrison, Jim Starkey, David Schnepper, Charlie Caro, ...)


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Subject: [firebird-support] More on over-sweeping

> This is the sweeping advice I was given:
> =============
> "frequent sweeping will delay transaction start-up, as the time since
> the last sweep increases, the time for transaction startup will also
> increase.
> this can all be avoided by more frequent back/restore and less frequent
> sweeping."
> ...
> "Only if you CAN'T do timely backup/restore operations AND your
> application results in large numbers of rolled back transactions, you
> should do sweeps, but do not do them frequently."
> ...
> "You can reduce DB peformance significatnly by sweeping too regularly.
> You are much better off doing a backup/restore cycle. If you do know
> that a seeep is unnecessary then don't do it. (certainly not every
> night)
> that's my understanding - it's not a matter of belt-and-braces, it's a
> retrograde step for overall performance"
> ===============
> Comments? ;)
> John