Subject no-case and no-case/no-accent collation
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Dear All,

As some questions arose in this area, I've decided to upload an
updated version of my fbintl2.dll to

As well as rotting on my harddisk and waiting for me resuming my work
on it, it can as well be public and a base for other's implementations.

As provided, and without re-compilation, it adds for one (selectable)
character set, three collations:
- basic
- no case
- no case / no accent

It doens't do any fancy things of the multi level collations provided
in fbintl.dll, but OTOH it uses only one byte per character, which
enables larger columns to be indexed.

The data file giving the information is provided for ISO-8859-1, for
other character sets you have to generate your own.

Peter Jacobi