Subject Re: [firebird-support] Multi-threading & database size limit ?
Author Daniel Rail

At March 6, 2004, 11:20, benedicte_asselin wrote:

> Can I do multi-threading using the embedded version of firebird ?

Yes. The embedded version is essentially Superserver in a DLL. What
you can't do with embedded, is have multiple applications/processes
connecting to the same database file.

> Is there a theoretical limit for a unique file ?

As large as your hard-drive(or volume) permits. And, that might depend
on the OS file system, because as an example with FAT-32 will be
limited to the 4GB file size. You won't see that limit with NTFS,
because it is a few TBs.

> will I have to make
> several files to have a database bigger than say 2GB or something
> like that ?

No. I have a client with an 11GB single file database.

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