Subject FB 1.5 back compatibility
Author Peppe Polpo
today I

- downloaded the FB 1.5 windows installer
- read carefully the realese notes
- removed the old FB 1.0 installation
- installed the new version into an old W95 PC
- run

instclient i -f g

Done that,

1. I launch my beloved Interbase Windows SQL and click on
"File"/"Connect to database"

I can choose a remote database only (the "local engine" checkbox is

Is there a way to connect to a local database using this tool ?

2. I launch the old IB_SQL that came with IBO3 and this time I can
open a local database.

If I write "select * from any_table" I get the error message

"multiple rows in singleton select"


What's wrong ?


Peppe Polpo