Subject AW: [firebird-support] Using the IBX Components
Author Thomas von Stetten

>Is anyone out there aware what level of compatability exists between
>IBX and Firebird? I tried several of the components successfully but
>have been unable to get the backup component to work.
>I am aware of IBO. Jason has done a fine job with that suite, but my
>client would prefer I use the Borland components.

what version of Firebird are you using? Normally the problem with the backup
service (all services) is caused by the versionstring of the gds32.dll (The
Version has to be greater than 6.x) but the final and some (all?) of the
RC's have V1.5. So you need a special version of the gds32.dll. After
installing FB1.5 you got instclient.exe located in the bin directory.
Execute that tool: "instclient i g" and - have a look at the release-notes
where you can find a lot of interesting news ;-).