Subject Re: [firebird-support] Question = ISQL -o blabla.txt
Author Ivan Prenosil
> Tanz Anthrox wrote:
> > I want to update the server by using a batch file and
> >
> > isql -i update.sql -o result.txt
> >
> > By using this parameters I have a "Result.txt" file but size is 0 (zero) byte.
> > Output of isql is on screen.
> Output of SELECT and similar files is sent to result.txt. All else is
> sent to stderr. If you wish to see everything, redirect output (Linux
> example: isql -i update.sql -o result.txt > result.txt 2>&1)

Or redirect error messages into stdout using -m (merge) switch:
isql -m -i update.sql -o result.txt

> Even better is to check the result of isql. AFAIR, if it returns zero
> then command is executed without errors, and non-zero means that there
> has been an error).

Unfortunately, isql always return zero.