Subject Re: [firebird-support] East european Unicode charset
Author Milan Babuskov
marius popa wrote:
> Anyone worked with Romanian chars (or other East european chars) in firebird
> Delphi6+Firebird+windows ?
> 1.created database with ISO-8859-2 charset
> 2.I have tried to insert with ibexpert , it doesn't work s-cedilla (s,)
> became s and t-cedilla(T,) bacame t .
> 3.Isql doesn't work (cmd.exe - windows console limits ?)
> I used
> SET NAMES ISO8859_2;
> then
> made sql script in vim /notepad
> ps:
> me dumb with unicode

No Unicode there.

The problem is that you're using Windows. When you set language to
Romanian, Windows turns your code page to Windows1250 or Windows1252.
These are similar with ISO8859-2, but not quite exact. For example, in
my language (serbian) two of the 5 special characters don't work.

Solution is to either:
1. use Win1250 or Win1252 in database
2. convert chars (i belive you can find conversion charts on the Internet)
3. don't use Windows ;)

Milan Babuskov