Subject Re: [firebird-support] Question = ISQL -o blabla.txt
Author Milan Babuskov
Tanz Anthrox wrote:
> I want to update the server by using a batch file and
> isql -i update.sql -o result.txt
> By using this parameters I have a "Result.txt" file but size is 0 (zero) byte.
> Output of isql is on screen.

Output of SELECT and similar files is sent to result.txt. All else is
sent to stderr. If you wish to see everything, redirect output (Linux
example: isql -i update.sql -o result.txt > result.txt 2>&1)

Even better is to check the result of isql. AFAIR, if it returns zero
then command is executed without errors, and non-zero means that there
has been an error).

Milan Babuskov