Subject RE: [firebird-support] Interested question
Author Johannes Pretorius
Is this in the queries you are talking about or the creation of the tables.
The reason I
ask is that when I did a select in isql as follows : select * from "month"
it did not work, will try to redo at work for the whole error , but
basically it does not allow
you to do it ?. I also tried capital letters as I believe the quote's makes
it case-sensitive ??

Thanks for the response

At 11:35 05/03/2004, Steffen Heil wrote:

> > If a older database (Interbase 5.6) has invalid columns or table names as
>in MONTH and TYPE in the database, why does FireBird allow the database to
>be RESTORED without ANY errors and a database VALIDATION comes back with NO
>errors ??
> > Does the system not suppose to stop a invalid database to be restored ??
>There are NO invalid table names. You can use any reserved word as table
>name, if you quote them correctly. One of my queries is:
>select * from "PAGES"
> Steffen
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