Subject Backup questions
Author Pieter Claerhout
Hi all,

I was wondering what options FireBird gives us in regards to backups.
Imagine you have a FireBird database which gets backed up every night at
e.g. 3 'o clock. So far, so good. Now, imagine the disk on which the
database is dies at 6 in the morning.

My impression is that there is no way to get the full data back as it was
from the just state just before the disk died, right? The only thing you can
is to restore the backup file but that brings you back to the state of 3 'o
clock at night.

Is there any option in FireBird to have it keep a transaction log separately
on e.g. the same disk as the backup file, so that if you lose the other
drive, you can still restore everything back from just before the crash?



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