Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Sample/example firebird databases
Author David Cornelius
Hmmm... That's strange--the file I uploaded (tonight) has the 'SET SQL
DIALECT 3;' statement at the top already. The only thing that's missing is
the password, but that will be obvious as soon as you try to run the script
(and nothing else will work until you put that in).

I just reloaded it in IBExpert and ran it to create a new database and it
worked fine.

Well, glad you finally got it to work...


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Subject: [firebird-support] Re: Sample/example firebird databases

Thank you David, I downloaded the UserGroupDB.sql and I'm going
to learn a lot from it.
I used IBExpert to open it and create database. IBExpert gave
error when I tried to execute the script. It complained that
'TIME' is not defined in 'Dialect 1'. I solved this by adding
'SET SQL DIALECT 3;' on top of script. And then it complained
that it cannot create UserGroupDB.GDB, so I changed its name
from .GDB to .FDB. Now it executed fine and I can play around
with the database using IBExpert, but when I put mouse over
database name then in a popup bubble it shows database name as
.GDB and Dialect 1. And using windows explorer I checked the
data directory and it showed both .gdb(836kb) and .fdb(.94MB) files.

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> "Employee" is a good test one. I also uploaded one to the Yahoo! Groups
> "files" page called, UserGroupDB.sql.
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> David Cornelius
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> Subject: [firebird-support] Sample/example firebird databases
> Are there any freely available sample firebird databases.
> I'm new to firebird so want to get familiar with its
> design and syntax etc.
> So far I found two sample databases ibdemo.gdb and employee.fdb