Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FB 1.5 Crash
Author Lester Caine
precari0 wrote:

>>server can only crash. But configuring the server in a way that
> the system
>>cannot possibly satisfy is NOT the best way to approach the
>>problem...especially on Windows. If Win2K was able to manage
> memory
>>properly, you would never get the BSOD. But I get the BSOD on
> Win2K with
>>Word on a system with 1.5 Gb of RAM and oodles of "spare" memory.
> C4mon Helen. Don4t do that.
> I do have to answer support questions myself, you know, but going
> the easiest way, blaming windows, just doesn4t cut it anymore.
> You4re getting bsods? Check the quality of your hardware and drivers,
> check for viruses, just don4t tell me it4s windows' fault, please.
> No IT professional, no matter how much he/she hates windows, is
> stupid enough
> to believe it.

If you want reliable 24/7 operation, it can be achieved with
Windows but it takes effort. Which is why we are NOW only
using Linux on high load applications.

IN PRODUCTION we do NOT use W2k SP4. It was loaded on a
thankfully few sites, and caused problems on them all, so we
are back with SP3 and stable again. This started was
problems with simple RAS dial-up connections and NO OTHER
SOFTWARE running, and resulted in several third party
packages having to be rewritten. The same hardware had run
for several months and continues to run with SP3 ( after a
complete wipe of the hard disk and re-install to get rid of
SP4 ).

So yes I am stupid enough to believe it. Have you proven
that SP4 IS stable in it's own right? We are not going to
risk it again any time soon :)

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services