Subject Re: FB 1.5 Crash
Author precari0
Hi Hellen,

> >16KB DB page size, 8192 buffers.

> You are using 128 Mb of your server's total 512 Mb for
> cache!! Intermittent crashes are therefore not urprising.

I'm not sure what is the problem here.
From a total of 512MB,
about 100MB is eaten by W2k,
some 160MB by Firebird (cache+server).
There is still 252MB free.
Please explain.

Anyway, I believe the server shouldn't crash. In any case.
But I also believe that if there is any possibility, it has to
be tested. :)
I'll lower these values tomorrow morning (which means about 14 hours
from now) and see what happens.

What do you think of:
8KB PageSize * 2048 buffers = 16MB ?
Is it a good point?