Subject Logging Changes in Table Fields - Any Shortcut Method ?
Author R. S. Patil
Dear Friends,

I would Like to Log Changes in Specific Tables and some columns within
those tables to preferably within same databases table or to some external
file is also acceptable. format of log required is

Date-Time at which change occurred, type of change insert, delete, edited,
For each column OLD.Value - NEW.Value
--- ---
in a blob column.

is there any free/commercial tool to do this ?

Can it be done by a generic SP called from
each table's (Under consideration) Triggers.

Will it be possible to use rdb$ tables and have a generic trigger
which can be generated by writing a GUI interface to select
tables and fields ? (Some thing like macro substitution for Field names)

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

R. S. Patil