Subject Problem With Installing FB 1.5 RC9 & Final rmp on Suse 8.2 Pro SECOND POST
Author R. S. Patil
Dear friends,

I have Installed FB 1.5 RC8 (SS) on Suse 8.2 Pro
and is Working as of Now

When I Tried to Install FB 1.5 Final (SS) on Suse 8.2 Pro
The yast2 Hangs and it wont even respond to Kill -9 too.
Only thing I could do is init 0 at Console 1 and Shut down.

So for testing purpose I gave RC9 (SS) a try but Same thing
happen once again. Lastly I Tried RC8 it installs and works too.

Can somebody help me in this regard. Any tip ?

Best Regards

R. S. Patil