Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird with satellite connexion...
Author Martijn Tonies

> > i do not have a satelite connection , but i am using a VPN to
> > administer some clients databases , over ADSL (768/128) with a ping
> > time of around 150 ms and this is annoyingly slow somewhere like 1
> > insert per second using ibexpert's script executive
> > or for example opening a database in DB Explorer (also IBexpert)
> > Local 2 Sec
> > Remote 57 Secs
> Hannes, turn on IBExpert's own monitor and check what it really do.
> This software is extremely inclined to cache on client side all needed
> and unneeded metadata information and perform selects in background to
> "help" you with tables/columns/etc names and so on. I don't want to
> say FB protocol is ideal for slow connections, but behaviour of client
> application is important.

Indeed. Database Workbench refreshes almost nothing while working
unless you tell it to refresh. Ideal for low-bandwidth connections. I've
used to administer (not develop!) on a 64kbit dialup line. Slow, but
workable :-)

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Martijn Tonies
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