Subject Re: Firebird with satellite connexion...
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, Hannes Streicher <hst@h...>
> i do not have a satelite connection , but i am using a VPN to
> administer some clients databases , over ADSL (768/128) with a ping
> time of around 150 ms and this is annoyingly slow somewhere like 1
> insert per second using ibexpert's script executive
> or for example opening a database in DB Explorer (also IBexpert)
> Local 2 Sec
> Remote 57 Secs

Hannes, turn on IBExpert's own monitor and check what it really do.
This software is extremely inclined to cache on client side all needed
and unneeded metadata information and perform selects in background to
"help" you with tables/columns/etc names and so on. I don't want to
say FB protocol is ideal for slow connections, but behaviour of client
application is important. Never used DB Explorer, so can say nothing
about it.

Best regards,