Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird with satellite connexion...
Author Jonathan Neve
Hannes Streicher a écrit :

>Guten Tag Milan Babuskov,
>am Montag, 1. März 2004 um 17:49 schrieben Sie:
>MB> Jonathan Neve wrote:
>>>>Sends a little, and waits for response. Not very good for satelite link.
>>>Is there any way of changing this (somewhat), or any parameter to make
>>>it better? I saw a parameter in firebird.conf regarding the buffer size
>>>for communication. Would this help?
>MB> I don't think it would improve it enough to be very usable. But I never
>MB> tried it myself. Perhaps someone else can answer?
>i do not have a satelite connection , but i am using a VPN to
>administer some clients databases , over ADSL (768/128) with a ping
>time of around 150 ms and this is annoyingly slow somewhere like 1
>insert per second using ibexpert's script executive
>or for example opening a database in DB Explorer (also IBexpert)
>Local 2 Sec
>Remote 57 Secs
Yes, I have the same sort of results (although usually not quite so
bad). The really anoying thing, is when you execute a script : I've had
scripts take up over 15 minutes to execute over a slow connection! And
yet, if I had saved the script to a file, compressed it, sent it by FTP,
and execute it with isql on the remote server, it could have taken less
than one minute. But since this isn't as practical, I usually use

Wouldn't it be possible to make a simple protocol, that could simply
receive a script from a remote connection, execute it locally, and
return the error code, if any? This would avoid wasting time
establishing a remote connection directly (which is rather slow),
preparing each statement individually (which is _extremely_ slow), and
then executing each one individually. Instead, all these things could be
done locally on the remote machine, and then we could just send back the
result. I don't suppose anyone knows of such a thing, do you?


Jonathan Neve.