Subject Metadata extract and Classic server
Author Bob Murdoch
I'm currently using FB 1.5 SS. However, we are purchasing a dual Xeon
server with a boatload of RAM, and I am seriously considering using CS
instead of SS on this box to take advantage of all that hardare.

I know (I think) that my current gbak and gfix -v nightly routines will
remain the same between the two architectures. However, I use the IBX
service components to do a metadata extract of the database on occasion
when rolling out updates. My understanding is that CS doesn't support the
service manager functions. What alternative do I have to extract this
programmatically? I currently have the functionality built into the server
part of a multi-tier system, with the resulting info being compressed and
streamed back to the client. I'd like this to continue in some way if


Bob M..