Subject Re: [firebird-support] Integrity/ db fix utility
Author Marco Bommeljé
adele_leroux wrote:
> Our
> development director wants to know from me what do you do when a
> firebird database crash. Coming from a access database environment I
> believe this is a valid concern. Please give me some feedback on
> integrity and database fix utilities and even whether such utilities
> exists or are neccessary :-)

Hi Adèle,

In addition to what Alexander wrote, please note the following. Using Firebird
means that your application does not access the database directly (unless you
use the embedded version). Instead, your application "talks" to the Firebird
Database Management Server, which is a separate running program (or background
service). Therefore, when your application crashes, it does not affect your
database, because the DBMS is managing the database. This is different from
Access, Paradox and other so called desktop databases. Even if the Firebird DBMS
process crashes e.q. as the result of a power failure, chances of datbase
corruption are minimal. Server DBMSes such as Firebird are designed to keep your
database in tact, whatever happens.

Tell your director that Firebird is in the league of Sybase, Oracle, DB2 and the
like and cannot be compared to Access.