Subject Re: Integrity/ db fix utility
Author adele_leroux
Hi, many thanks for your answer (and Alexander's). I am however not
100% sure what you mean by the embedded version of firebird. We
access firebird from a delphi application using the IB components in
delphi. Am I right by saying that this is not the embedded version?
I have a Firebird 1.5 server manager icon in my control panel, but
if I stop the firebird manager, my application still runs fine???

--- In, Marco Bommeljé <jbommelj@x>
> adele_leroux wrote:
> > Our
> > development director wants to know from me what do you do when a
> > firebird database crash. Coming from a access database
environment I
> > believe this is a valid concern. Please give me some feedback on
> > integrity and database fix utilities and even whether such
> > exists or are neccessary :-)
> Hi Adèle,
> In addition to what Alexander wrote, please note the following.
Using Firebird
> means that your application does not access the database directly
(unless you
> use the embedded version). Instead, your application "talks" to
the Firebird
> Database Management Server, which is a separate running program
(or background
> service). Therefore, when your application crashes, it does not
affect your
> database, because the DBMS is managing the database. This is
different from
> Access, Paradox and other so called desktop databases. Even if the
Firebird DBMS
> process crashes e.q. as the result of a power failure, chances of
> corruption are minimal. Server DBMSes such as Firebird are
designed to keep your
> database in tact, whatever happens.
> Tell your director that Firebird is in the league of Sybase,
Oracle, DB2 and the
> like and cannot be compared to Access.
> Cheers,
> Marco