Subject Re: Integrity/ db fix utility
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
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> Hi All, I need some more information on integrity checking and
> database fixing. We have rewritten most of our applications from
> Visual basic to Delphi. The VB applications used to run on an Access
> database. We are now using Firebird with our newly written delphi
> applications. We have no installations yet on the new software. Our
> development director wants to know from me what do you do when a
> firebird database crash. Coming from a access database environment I
> believe this is a valid concern. Please give me some feedback on
> integrity and database fix utilities and even whether such utilities
> exists or are neccessary :-)

Adele, though real RDBMS are MUCH more reliable than surrogates like
Access or Paradox, which breaks databases on any client's crash, any
database can be corrupted if server is crashed or unexpectedly
rebooted or loosed power supply. Standard procedure of repaire is
validation using gfix and backup-restore cycle using gbak. This
utilities are described in IB6 free docs in Operations Guide, the best
article on usage this utilities to repair databases I know is

Note IBPhoenix perform payable support and of this kind too. There is
one more site with information about database corruptions and company
which perform support of this kind -
Advice - if your customer value his information, teach him to
perform regularly backup and test it for restorability by restore into
another file. And NEVER restore using -r option of gbak into original
database file.

Best regards,