Subject RE: [firebird-support] Still having lockups / gds32.dll waiting for object
Author Alan McDonald
> I tried upgrading to 1.5 final because I was told there was a bug fixed
> in RC9 that had to do with threads. I changed to TCPIP to see if it
> would fix things because I was also told LOCAL connections were not the
> way to go. It seemed to work ok until I started getting a lot of 'Unable
> to read data from connection' messages. It seemed to get worse. We have
> people using our program for some time and it only seems that this one
> company started having problems when they moved to a new server running
> Windows 2003, which goes along with the thread bug that was fixed. I was
> told it was always there but made worse on XP and 2003. They are the
> only company running on 2003.
> - James

Do they have disk shadowing active? If so - they need to disable it. This is
regardless of the file name extension.