Subject Can Open DB File Question
Author Daniel Jimenez

I am trying to create a FDB on two separate PC's. One PC is running Win 2000
Server edition with SP 1 the other is running Win XP Pro.

I first create a blank FDB on each machine. Under the same path, with the
same name, with the same user name, password combination, following the same

I then run the same SQL Script (contains schema and data) on each machine.
The PC running Win XP Pro runs the script without any problems. Thus at
completion the FDB has tables, procedures, data, etc Perfect! The PC running
Win 2000 Server will not run the file. I am using the same tool on both PC's
(isql) to complete the task at hand.

The only difference between the two PC's is that the PC running Win XP Pro
has Firebird 1.5.X where the PC running Win 200 Server has Firebird 1.1.X

What could I be doing, which may cause this problem?

Thank you


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