Subject RE: [firebird-support] Can Open DB File Question
Author Daniel Jimenez
> Hi,
> I am trying to create a FDB on two separate PC's. One PC is
> running Win 2000 Server edition with SP 1 the other is
> running Win XP Pro.
> I first create a blank FDB on each machine. Under the same
> path, with the same name, with the same user name, password
> combination, following the same procedures.
> I then run the same SQL Script (contains schema and data) on
> each machine.
> The PC running Win XP Pro runs the script without any
> problems. Thus at completion the FDB has tables, procedures,
> data, etc Perfect! The PC running Win 2000 Server will not
> run the file. I am using the same tool on both PC's
> (isql) to complete the task at hand.
> The only difference between the two PC's is that the PC
> running Win XP Pro has Firebird 1.5.X where the PC running
> Win 200 Server has Firebird 1.1.X
> What could I be doing, which may cause this problem?
> Thank you
> danieL.

Found the problem, sorry for the post


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