Subject Re: [firebird-support] Answering a few questions for Martijn and unordained
Author Milan Babuskov
rocksolidrobot wrote:
> Q3. What about FBExport?
> Well, thanks to Milan Babuškov for making and suggesting this App.
> I'm sure it works the way he wants it to, and fills a gap in the FB
> feature set. I had a look at ~
> from what I can see it is not suitable for my use, the reasons being:
> Does this tool give all the freedom & options of isql.exe?

Define freedom and options more precisely. The way I see it both isql
and fbexport give me a freedom to choose the right tool for the job at
hand. They both come with open source code, so I can learn and/or change
it to fit my needs. But, that's just my vision of freedom.

> Can I pass a .sql file of instructions for it to Run?

No, not yet. It is planned for some of the future versions. I'm
currently very busy with FlameRobin project, and few commercial ones
too, so I can't tell when it would be ready.

> Q5. What about the suggestion that I pay someone to write it?
> Maybe Milan Babuškov is the one to give isql.exe an -xmlout
> and -csvout switch? How much money would be required. Send me
> some quotes. I would love to help the cause. Better output
> options such as these are a vital feature.

I'd rather add those to fbexport. It can already export to CVS and does
it very well. I'd like to know what CVS-export functionality are you
missing? You can either write sql statement that needs to be dumped, or
use -V switch to dump whole (or part of) table.

> Q4. What about embedded double-quotes in comma-separated files?

FBexport handles it in such way that you can safely import data in MS
Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

> I'd rather use xml (for me csv for be a 2nd rate option)

XML is also one of the features listed for some of the future FBExport
versions. Like I wrote, I really can't tell when will that be. If you
need it really and wish to give some money to see it done fast, contact
me off the list. (but I'd like to see your name at least, not just

Milan Babuskov