Subject Answering a few questions for Martijn and unordained
Author rocksolidrobot
Answering a few questions for Martijn and unordained

Q1. How to test & start Firebird service from wsh on XP?
Q2. Can Firebird "isql.exe" export to csv or xml? NO
Q3. What about FBExport?
Well, thanks to Milan Babuškov for making and suggesting this App.
I'm sure it works the way he wants it to, and fills a gap in the FB
feature set. I had a look at ~
from what I can see it is not suitable for my use, the reasons being:
Does this tool give all the freedom & options of isql.exe?
Can I pass a .sql file of instructions for it to Run?

Q3.1 What about ibWebAdmin?
Thanks, Milan, I will check that one out.

Two Questions from Philip the "unordained"
Q4. Would you ALL be happy for me to write an xml outputter? NO
I am a complete FB novice. I know no C++. My code is k-rap.
Besides, the feature is slated for the next major release.

Q5. What about the suggestion that I pay someone to write it?
Maybe Milan Babuškov is the one to give isql.exe an -xmlout
and -csvout switch? How much money would be required. Send me
some quotes. I would love to help the cause. Better output
options such as these are a vital feature.

Q4. What about embedded double-quotes in comma-separated files?
I'd rather use xml (for me csv for be a 2nd rate option)
(unfortunately as of 11/2004 csv or xml is not a native option)

Two Questions from Martijn Tonies:
Q6. Ok - in your opinion, what should Firebird do?
I think FB should do exactly what it does at the moment, that's fine.
My issues with it are in terms of accessability, ease of use,
samples and examples, and documentation for the beginner. In fact I
haven't experienced what it can do beacuse of the massive barrier to
entry, long since forgotten by experts like you, but that confronts
every new user to the product.

Q7. What did you expect it to do?
I expected in 2004 more positive answers to Q1 & Q2.

Link for Q1 info is:

I now know that this was the wrong group to send to, I did a
repost to Firebird-support, but one of them may not have made it.