Subject RE: [firebird-support] References for use as an embedded DB?
Author Alan McDonald
> So, three questions:
> 1) Is Firebird similarly rock-solid enough for me to consider
> replacing ASA with it? Does it similarly need no administration at
> all once it's installed?

rock solid - yes certainly (you can, of course, wriate an application to
make do silly things)

> 2) Is there any reason not to just use the embedded version of
> Firebird, rather than a server version? Obviously, I'm running on
> Windows. I want to keep the install program as small and
> straightforward as possible.
> N.B. The program is only intended to be single-user, though I guess
> in theory I could let users who wanted it to be multi-user do their
> own download of a server version of Firebird, as long as I had tested
> it and made sure that concurrency issues were handled correctly, etc.

if it's only ever to be used for a single desktop, then the embedded version
is a good choice. Your app needs to be written as if it's multi-user though
which makes it simple to allow those interested to install the full server
and run the same application against it (with modifications to how the
client is setup)

> 3) Is anyone else using the program in this way, as an embedded
> database within another application that has a large number of non-
> technical users? If so, could you comment on how it has worked out
> for you? (You can email me directly to reply if you want, at
> dcoops@....)
> Thanks in advance.