Subject Re: General conventions for Upper/Lower case searching
Author dancooperstock
Are you saying that in Firebird, unlike (say) Sybase and Microsoft
SQL Servers, there is not an option when you set up a database for
everything to be case-insensitive, so that "equals" matching is
always case insensitive? That could be a problem for some users, such
as myself.

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> I'm trying to determine the general conventions that developers use
> searching Firebird (or any other SQL database) relating to
upper/lower case
> searching.
> The data in our search fields will be stored as mixed Upper
Case/Lower case
> textual data, but when we search for a matching value I'm not sure
what the
> best strategy is for this. One of our developers wanted to develop
> for this, but I can't see why this is required.
> If I want to seach a text field for 'Smith', and the values in the
> are referenced as 'SMITH', 'Smith', and 'smith' what is the best
way to
> handle this in an application?
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